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Familie van der Zanden
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The seawater-aquarium

Aquarium technology

The tank is made out of concrete with a steel frame for the glass. It has a length of approximately 8.5 meters, a depth of 95 cm and is 80 cm wide. The glass thickness is 31mm of laminated glass.

In the tank there are approximately 450 kg of life rock and 250 kg of coral gravel.

Protein Skimmer

self made
The skimmer is self-cleaning, internal pipe - rinsing with salt water and external pipe with fresh water. It has a diameter of 500mm and a height of 2.5 meters.

Trickle Filter

self made
The filter consists of 3 tubes with a diameter of 300 mm. Its capacity has 800 litres of Bioballs.


15 x HQI Burner 250W 10000k
12 x HQI Burner 400W 14000k
12 x T5 Blue Neon tube 54W

Chalk Reactor

Company Schuran

Water Monitoring

IKS Aquariencomputer


7 x Tunze flow pumps are controlled via computer

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