Relaxation and healthiness for body and soul

"To stay healthy and to live long is something everybody wants, but only a few are doing something about it. When people would half as much make the effort to stay healthy and to live sensible, they would half as much become ill."
Sebastian Kneipp
Finnish sauna
The classic type of sauna, hot and dry.
  • Air temperature: 80 - 95 ° Celsius
  • Humidity: approx. 10%
This type of sauna is the most common. The hot air circulates in the cabin, which is usually equipped with three benches, rising from the stove towards the ceiling. You can choose between three temperature zones: above the third and highest bank, the air temperature is 80 to 95 degrees. The second bank is 70 to 80 degrees hot. Above the first bank between 60 and 70 degrees. The Finnish sauna - typically made of wood - is also called "hot air bath". The heat comes from a stone oven, but also from heat pipes and the heat radiation of the ceiling, the wall and the benches. The humidity can be increased by a sauna infusion with pure water or essential oils.

A variant of the Finnish sauna is the gradual, increasing heat infusion. Mostly open until the infusion, a window or the door and the thermometer can rise to 110 degrees, with a humidity of about 5 percent. The stove will be on at a certain time and it will heat up to 30 minutes. After another time is usually by a sauna guest, the doors, windows closed and water poured on the sauna stones. Eventually with addition (lemon, orange, spruce, mint etc.). It is usually wove with a towel. Then comes the cooling and the sauna chamber is ventilated and prepared for the next sauna infusion. The sauna guests usually spend their time lying down and the possibility to fall asleep is given by the pleasant increase in heat in the sauna. At the end of the heating-up period, most of them will spend the time sitting until the rest of the time.
Roman steam bath
The moist and warm process of the Roman steam bath is very old. Even our ancestors were in "stone sweat baths" go well. Celts, Anglo-Saxons and Teutons steamed in the Nordic way. Greeks, Romans, Persians and Turks, on the other hand, developed a Mediterranean steam culture. Anyway - today you can visit the Roman steam bath: cozy warmth, silky soft steam all around, then cold shower and you are a new person! At a temperature of 47 ° C and a humidity of almost 100%, respiratory problems can be cured very well. The cardiovascular system is stimulated, the vascular system is required and the heart activity and blood circulation are accelerated. The moist heat in the Roman steam bath increases the elasticity of connective tissue and musculature. This relaxes tense and cramped muscles. Even with mild rheumatic diseases, it brings relief. Properly dosed, a steam bath improves the overall mobility of the muscles and joints.
Infrared cabin

Useful information:

Infrared heat radiation creates deep heat in the fabric and is one of the gentlest applications. In a temperature range of 35 - 60 ° C is caused by the depth of a significantly higher volume of sweat than in the sauna. Due to the mild radiant heat, there is no heat accumulation in the uppermost skin layers. The sweat that is secreted consists of 85% water. The rest are waste products, acids, sodium, ammonia - body detoxification. Dwell time: at least 30 min.

After 25 min. starts the formation of perspiration. Bathing: 1 bath, followed by showering (cool to lukewarm), relax and cover up.
Ice fountain

Useful information:

You can expect the glacier cold freshness of an ice fountain. Rub your heated body after the steam or sauna bath with the ice flakes or Crasheis from the ice fountain. A wonderful tingling all over the body signals the vitalization boost. At the same time your circulation is stimulated and your immune system strengthened.
Mountain rock water fountain

Useful information:

Our most important element because it regulates our body's household, cleanses the whole blood and juice mass of the body.
Johann Grander says: The sooner you start using fresh water in healthy and unhealthy days for drinking and washing, the more benefit you will get!
Our fresh and naturally filtered mountain spring water refreshes your body and has a soothing and balancing effect due to its high mineral content.
Relaxation area
  • Regeneration while lying down and sitting
  • Rest between the sauna sessions
  • Relaxation at a pleasant room temperature
  • Enjoy the well-designed room in peace

Useful information:

How to bed, so you rest. In the quiet room absolute silence is desired. Only the snoring of the dreaming could break the peace. Those who want to chat with friends and acquaintances, should make this in the living zone. If you do not know if you are in a rest room or not, you will surely get a "Pssst" feedback.

The optimal relaxation room should be well ventilated. Have a room temperature of about 20 degrees Celsius. The light should be subdued and appropriate rest possibilities exist. Whether water beds, loungers, flowers, starry skies, airbrush or wall painting, everything contributes to the relaxation. Even a pleasant background music makes you dream.

Very important is the reheating in the relaxation room. One should stay there until the pulse has returned to normal. The rest before the next sauna session must be at least 15 minutes to allow a heat exchange between the body and body shell.

A mortal sin in the truest sense of the word would be to immediately take intensive swimming training after the sauna room: the burden is just too big for the heart. Even healthy people are in acute danger!

"In the silence lies the power" - a wisdom that is becoming more and more important in our hectic world. Take the opportunity to find your peace again.
Heat bench
  • Promote blood circulation without
  • load on the circulation
  • Strengthening the Immune System
  • Calming the central nervous system
  • Stress Relief and Recovery
  • Ideal relaxation between the
  • spa visits.

Useful information:

The core of the bench is a special storage tank and a water-carrying module tube. Processed with a special thermally conductive heating mortar. The cladding of this bench and the shape are no limits. Everything is possible, from the finest ceramics to the elegant marble to a refined glass mosaic.

Useful information:

The benefits of a solarium visit are undisputed. Not only a healthy tan, but the production of vital vitamin D, for bone building and strengthening, is stimulated and encouraged. Not to mention the benefits of the light bath, just relax and let the well-dosed sun shine. Not only look good but also feel good

The artificial sun is always shining. The solarium rules are to read necessarily, so that the sun does not trigger aftereffect. When properly dosed, there is no sunburn, and the UV rays can induce health effects on the whole organism. Biopositive influences on all blood cells and their flow properties are activated on the cardiovascular behavior, the nervous system,

the activation of physical performance, the strengthening of the immune system as well as the improvement of the calcium supply of the organs and bones by the sun hormone vitamin D3.

Paracelsus, "the physician from antiquity" has already recognized it correctly and said then "... the dose makes the poison!" This is the same as smoking or alcohol. If we smoke a cigarette or drink a glass of alcohol a day, that does not hurt. But if these have become three boxes a day over the course of time and / or we are drunk every day, then we should think about it and change our way of life. It's that easy with the solarium + sunlight.

Clean the skin before using the solarium, so that the effect of the sun can develop properly. For women: make-up removal! Because make-up residues can cause ugly stains and lead to allergies. Be sure to close your eyes. Never look directly into the radiation source of the solarium. It is best that you use safety goggles. For people who are operated on the eye lenses, the glasses is even an absolute "must". Use a solarium only once a day and do without a natural sunbath on the same day (or vice versa). Avoid tanning all year round. After a tanning session with the solarium or after a long "natural sun holiday", take a tanning break of four to six weeks. After artificial sunbathing, the body is especially looking forward to a refreshing shower. Pamper your skin afterwards with a moisturizing care product. The skin remains supple.

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